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they ran a groupon at the beginning of the year for an e-cigarette starter kit. about two weeks after placing my order I was informed that they didn't have the product to fulfill all their orders and expected to have the product by mid-february.

one month after my order I tried to contact customer service and received a generic email saying the product was still not in, it was expected by the end of February and that everyone who was waiting would be receiving a free disposable product.

just today I received my order almost two months later with no email confirmation, and that free item - never received it. and all I ever get from customer service is a generic response.

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Crystal Hare
Jasper, Georgia, United States #688461
Victory Electronic Cigarettes Response

Dear customers,

We would like to apologize sincerely for the problems you have experienced.I have read and understood every one.I would like to say on victory's behalf we did not in any way want to disappoint you,we are in business to help people.I can honestly say all of the issue's i have read on here have been taken care of.Our hold times are down,are quality is better,our shipping time is great and our customer service is awesome.Our biggest goal as a company is making all of you,our customers,happy.I understand we have had some misunderstandings and other problems,how ever we would really like to make it right,and i really believe you would be pleased with the changes we have made and the response you will get.Please understand we are in business to help people and in no way wanted to disappoint you as our customer.So,if you would like to give us a call at (770)308-0720,we would REALLY like to change your out look on victory,your experience,and fix any problem to your convenience.We look forward to talking to you all and hope you have a great day!

Alamogordo, New Mexico, United States #671909

Sounds like your review should be targeted at Groupon, not Victory

Traverse City, Michigan, United States #670750

I got my groupon and loved the product but i know as a retailer that groupon screws the companies they run deals on. Groupon actually has a bancruptcy department that handles companies that go bankrupt as a result of the groupon.

Groupon beats the company up, makes the company sell the prodcut for way less than their cost plus gets a huge margin and then doesn't pay the company for 90-120 days after the offer is over. All these poor companies end up spending 250,000 to run a groupon hoping that it will drive sales which it doesn't - what a sham.

Dallas, Texas, United States #667317

I got the groupon and received my starter kit in 4 days!!

I absurdly LOVE it and it was way cheaper than the victory site, so I was thrilled, only thing I didn't like us that they get you hooked and the refil "butts" are kind of pricey... Other than that I love it and use it several time throught the day...

I have has no problems with leaking or charging mine works GREAT!!!

I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone!

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #629479

Bought through groupon for $25 almost 3 months ago. Never recieved the product. No emails returned, calling them just gets you a recording.

Filed complaint with the BBB, to no avail.

Groupon says they are just running behind. That was over a month ago. Sorry 3 months is not acceptable.

Now fighting with groupon for a refund.

Went ahead a bought another product from a reputable company.



Just call groupon and ask for your money back

Chicago Park, California, United States #621455

I got my "starter kit" within two weeks. That wasn't a problem. What was a problem was that the battery was dead and will not recharge with the included charger, and one of the cartridges was leaking "juice" (nice euphemism for a mixture of nicotine and anti-freeze, which is precisely what "juice" actually is) all over everything. The whole kit is a useless pile of Chinese made junk. They refused to replace the battery, instead stating that they want $20 to ship me a new one.

So, it's going into the trash where it belongs, and if anyone I know asks me about it, I'm going to tell them to try something else. At least the Blu and the Njoy that I also got samples of actually work, as opposed to this Victory crapola.

This is a terrible company and a *** product. I would avoid these people like the plague. Lord knows what's actually in this "juice" if the batteries and cartridges are such poor quality.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #619749

Well it has now been over TWO months after it was bought via groupon and they have never arrived. Calls, emails are ignored.

Stay away from from this company at all costs!

I am never using groupon again because of this as well.

Arizona City, Arizona, United States #619034

i orderd the same on January 4th on Groupon its now March 6th & still nothing. the c/s number if *** now all the mail boxex are full.

Just called Groupon to get a refund & inform them of all the *** everyone is going thru... She said it could take up to 4 weeks to get a refund.???

I think Im done with groupon.

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia #615763

Bought the free trial and loved the product. Wanted to continue with the platinum membership but suddenly in January 13 my orders were not filled and nothing arrived but to their credit they have not charged my credit card, so thats good.

However bought 2 more trial packs from weekly plus for $18,00 posrage not included for gifts to friends but they never arrived and Victory just keeps giving me a USA phone number and I kive in Australia. Weekly plus keeps giving me a TICKET but no answers to refunding my $18.00.

What the heck good is a TICKET when the bus isnt going anywhere. REALLY DISAPPOINTING.


I think I'm about to upset some of you who have actually purchased the Groupon deal in January 2013.

I saw the Groupon, looked up some reviews, decided it was worth it to buy one for my boyfriend who smokes. I purchased the Groupon, then proceeded to look up even more reviews when I discovered the Victory was actually doing their own promotional offer of a FREE starter kit with only a $0.01 verification fee and $4.99 for shipping. I immediately got my Groupon refunded and purchased two of these free starter kits. I know my cousin was worried about this being a scam and so to check my card for any fraudulent charges. I checked and there were none. I now enjoy my $5 Victory ecigs with my boyfriend (I'm not a habitual smoker but I will smoke menthols on occasion).

I ordered one tobacco (1.8% nicotine) flavored kit and a menthol (low nicotine, 0.8%). The tobacco was kind of disgusting but the menthol has a really nice and cooling flavor.

So if you purchased the Groupon price or actual Victory price, yeah it's a rip off. But I was fortunate enough to stumble upon the promotional offer so I am VERY happy with my purchase. :)

Denver, Colorado, United States #614291

Took over a month to receive my groupon kit, too. I'm very satisfied with it, however. I figure they just got more Groupon orders than they expected...should have offered fewer kits.

Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States #612241

same thing happened to me. I ordered on 1/7/13.

Emailed them on 2/5 to inquire of delivery, received a generic email to call customer service. I called on 2/6, was on hold for 20 minutes and was told my order was being shipped that Friday.

Nothing has been delivered. Isent Groupon a nasty email for poor vendor seclection based on false adversiting and failure to deliver a paid product

to powpow Miami, Florida, United States #613778

Same ting happened to me but I never got to talk with anyone as I kept getting the same message over and over again. I did contact Groupon and I have received them.

the taste isgreat but forget about one cartridge =2 pks of cigarettes it is more like 1 cartridge=2 cigs noit packs. Good luck.

Ferndale, Michigan, United States #611286

same thing happen to me brought the groupon in jan 4 never got *** from them, now on the 14th of feb they send a tracking number for the package, i tried the confirmation number more *** the package was not even received by the postal service. i believe many customers all got *** by these mother ***, groupon needs to take some blame because i trusteed groupon.

Stafford, England, United Kingdom #610485

Don't bother with them! After 4 months I still haven't recieved what I paid for and their e-mail responses are robotic "call us". Seriously, stay away from these guys!

Gainesville, Florida, United States #607145

DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!!! I am having the same issue.

Never get a call back or an e mail back and then when I finally get through to someone after holding for over 30 minutes and I told them I felt like this was a scam they HUNG UP on me!!! It has been over 4 weeks since I tried to use my Groupon.

What a joke! :(




West Haven, Connecticut, United States #604297

victory e cigs are canceling all free kits that were ordered I ordered mine jan 4th i was told today that they r charging the 31 dollers and u get the free kit because of so many complaints about people unaware of subscription...I may be *** but i went ahead and was reordered the free kit they are throwing in an extra box of cartomizers as a good jesture and we shall see what is going on I was also told it should be shipped immediatly..I was told all the people who signed up have been refunded the penny and would be contacted to see if they will pay 31 for the subscription...I told them if they do not honer this new contract i will flood the internet with bad review ...here is the direct customer service number the call wait is way down since they took their number of the site 770 308 0720..stay on top..

Metairie, Louisiana, United States #604263

Same thing here, bought with group on on 12/31/12 over a month later no product. Emailed 6 times, left 4 messages with no response.

Spoke to someone once and my product didnt come when they said it would. You call LONG DISTANCE and there is a 40-70+ minute wait, it has an option to leave a message but have the time the mailbox is full and if you do leave a message they never call back. I tried writing and mailing a letter to there customer service today. I also have Group On trying to contact them also.

I dont want the product, I want my money back because I dont want to deal with this *** when I need to order refills.

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