With Company response Not resolved

• Dec 31: I ordered the e-cigs starter kit.

• Dec 31: Victory cigs sent me an e-mail stating “Thank you for your order. Your order number is 63655, placed 12/31/2012 at 02:39PM"

• Jan 7-Feb 5, I was on vacation on a cruise and did not check e-mails due to high cost on cruise ship

• Feb 7: I e-mailed Victory that nothing was received.

Victory responded with an email stating the mail date was Feb 7, with delivery in 1-3 days.

The tracking info never changed, so how could that be if this was legitimately done?

• Why the delay of over a month? Were they hoping I would forget and they could keep the money?

• Feb 13: I received a new notification from Victory that the mail date

was Feb 13, to be delivered in 1-3 days.

So what happened to the Feb 7 date? Did they make it up? There was never any valid tracking info on it.

• Feb 14: I e-mailed Victory at "customerservice@victoryecigs.com".

Their response to me was to call Customer Service! Kind of strange since their e-mail address includes the words customer service:

This feels like another delay tactic.

• Feb 14: I called Victory and their recording stated I was #40 in line! It appears I was not the only one with issues.

• Feb 15: I e-mailed Victory again and they responded the same, call customer service.

• Feb 19: order received. But the Feb 13 order had a tracking trail, whereas the Feb 7 one did not. So what was the Feb 7 tracker?

This was the worst experience with an internet order that I have ever experienced anywhere. There is NO customer service at Victory.

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Crystal Hare
Jasper, Georgia, United States #688509
Victory Electronic Cigarettes Response

Dear customer,

We apologize for any inconvenience.As for the tracking,it sounds like we may have mistakenly printed two labels,there for both tracking numbers are valid.We strive to make you,the customer happy and under no circumstance did we intend to disappoint you,we are in business to help people.I am writing this in hopes that you will give our customer service a call so that we can make things right on our end and hopefully change your out look on victory as a company.I strongly believe if you give us a call you will instantly see the changes we have made including,hold times,customer service and faster shipping.Like i said before,our goal is to make you happy and we apologize for any inconvenience,we look forward to hearing from you.Thank you and have a great day.


Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #613254

You need to quit smoking anyways.

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